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Sewer repair Huddersfield

A broken or blocked sewer can be an absolute nightmare to deal with; not least in terms of the terrible smell and the risk of flooding. Blocked drains need to be repaired quickly and here at SewerCare we offer a range of efficient services, designed to resolve drainage problems with the minimum of fuss.

Why is my drain blocked?

Drains and sewers can become blocked for a variety of reasons but the most common culprits tend to be a build-up of waste and fat. If fat is poured into a sewer system it will quickly solidify and when it comes into contact with other types of waste such as nappies and wipes, a solid mass results. This blocks the pipe, preventing waste water from flowing through the system.

Problems can also arise when sewer pipes collapse or crack. Issues such as these are often caused by tree roots growing into the pipes, or when concrete or grout are poured down a drain. Cracks can quickly turn into major faults, resulting in leaking or collapsed sections of pipe.

To locate the source of the problem we use the latest drain survey equipment; our drain cctv surveys the inside of the pipes, providing us with clear images of the blockage or damage. Armed with this information, our team are then able to repair the damage or unblock the pipe.

Our specialist sewer repair services include:

  • EX Zone 1 CCTV Survey
    In pipes from 200mm to 2000m
  • CCTV Cleaning
    Drain maintenance commercial and industrial client
  • Water Recycling Unit
    For deep sewer and culvert cleaning
  • Jet Vac
  • Off-Road Jetting & CCTV
  • CIPP, UV and Patch Lining
  • High Pressure and Robotic Drain Cutting
  • Full GPS and Sewer Mapping
  • Pitch Fibre (Re-Rounding)
  • Manhole Sealing
  • PTS Trained for Railways
  • High Risk Man Entry Under Culverts
  • Commercial Drain Maintenance

Drain repair services

We use a powerful water jet system to blast away dirt and debris from the inside of sewer pipes, leaving them thoroughly clean to allow waste to flow freely and that your drains drain efficiently.

If a pipe repair is required we will begin by cleaning the inside of the pipes. We then use a range of highly efficient no-dig repair techniques, designed to avoid the expense and upheaval of excavation work. We re-line pipes by injecting a silicone sealant which is then cured using a powerful jet of water or steam. Repairs such as these are designed to last for decades and will provide a cost-effective, long-term solution.

Planned preventative sewer maintenance

The best way to avoid sewer problems is with planned preventative maintenance. Particularly suited to industrial, business and commercial customers, our sewer maintenance services are designed to ensure your sewer pipes are clean and free from waste, helping to avoid blockages or damage. We offer a range of maintenance services, covering everything from sewer cleaning and septic tank cleaning.

Drainage services for home owners and businesses throughout the UK

Although SewerCare is based in the north of England, our drain repair and cleaning services are available to customers throughout the UK. From emergency drain services available 24 hours, through to sewer cleaning and drain maintenance, our services include all aspects of sewer care.

Contact SewerCare to find out more

We are an established company with many years of experience in all aspects of sewer repair, cleaning and maintenance. To find out more about our services, or to obtain a free, no-obligation quote, please get in touch by calling 0114 283 5828.

Commercial drain, sewer maintenance & repair water recycling unit

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