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Sewer repair Halifax

We are a sewer repair and maintenance contractor based in the North of England. Our services cover the entire UK so if your sewer needs to be repaired or replaced, just get in touch.

Emergency sewer repair services in Halifax

A faulty sewer needs to be repaired as quickly as possible to avoid flooding or a risk to health. We offer an emergency sewer repair service, designed to repair faults quickly and with the minimum of fuss. Suitable for business, industrial and residential customers, the sewer repair services we provide are carried out by our fully trained and experienced drainage engineers.

Why is my sewer blocked?

Sewer faults normally arise from blockages such as those caused by a build-up of fat, waste or rubbish. Problems can also be caused by concrete or grout entering the system, or by damaged caused by ingrown tree roots.

The best way to carry out a long-lasting repair is to identify the nature of the fault. We use the very latest in CCTV drain surveying cameras, designed to navigate through sewer pipes and pinpoint the problem.

The majority of blockages can be quickly removed using a powerful water jet. This technique removes the blockage and cleans the sewer without damaging the inside of the pipe. Suitable for use in public and domestic sewers, our water jet system offers a fast and cost-effective solution to the majority of blockages.

In some cases a blockage is caused by a collapsed pipe which can occur when a sewer is old or has been affected by ingrowing tree roots. We’ll clear the blockage using our water jet system or if this isn’t appropriate, our team will excavate the pipe to carry out repairs.

Our specialist sewer repair services include:

  • EX Zone 1 CCTV Survey
    In pipes from 200mm to 2000m
  • CCTV Cleaning
    Drain maintenance commercial and industrial client
  • Water Recycling Unit
    For deep sewer and culvert cleaning
  • Jet Vac
  • Off-Road Jetting & CCTV
  • CIPP, UV and Patch Lining
  • High Pressure and Robotic Drain Cutting
  • Full GPS and Sewer Mapping
  • Pitch Fibre (Re-Rounding)
  • Manhole Sealing
  • PTS Trained for Railways
  • High Risk Man Entry Under Culverts
  • Commercial Drain Maintenance

No-dig sewer repairs

These days the majority of sewer repairs are carried out using a no-dig approach. Once the blockage has been cleared, we’ll inject a robust, long-lasting silicone liner into the sewer pipe. This liner is then ‘cured’ using a water jet or steam. Repairs carried out in this way offer a number of benefits, including minimal disruption and a reduction in costs.

If damaged has been caused by tree roots or fat, it may be that the sewer pipe needs to be cut free and replaced with a new section of pipe. We can offer a range of repair options for this type of fault, including air driven, high pressure water or a robotic system to cut new openings for feeder pipes.

The equipment we use gives us the ability to work safely in tight, hard to reach areas. Whichever repair technique we use, you’ll have the reassurance of knowing that our experienced team will provide a robust, long-lasting solution.

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Our services are designed to offer effective solutions to drain repair, care and maintenance. To find out how we can resolve your sewer issues, get in touch to find out more or to arrange for an appointment.

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