sewer cleaning

Sewer maintenance Wakefield – services for domestic and commercial customers

At SewerCare we provide Wakefield based services, designed to provide efficient solutions to a wide range of drainage problems. From blocked drains to drain repairs, our drainage experts will fix and maintain your sewers. If you need a drain maintenance or repair service, just get in touch with us.

Drainage services provided by SewerCare

We offer a complete service, designed to cover all aspects of sewer care, repair and maintenance:

Drain unblocking: if a drain is blocked the problem needs to be sorted out as quickly as possible. Blocked drains not only smell bad, they can also cause flooding and a risk to health. We have the expertise and equipment to unblock your drains quickly, providing you with a cost-effective and efficient solution.

CCTV surveys: CCTV drain surveys can be used to locate blockages and check the condition of a sewer system. We use the latest CCTV equipment to find faults and make sure your sewers and drains are working as they should be.

Sewer and drain maintenance: regular sewer maintenance is the best way to prevent faults and blockages. Our maintenance services are ideal for commercial and industrial sewer systems, providing you with peace of mind whilst helping to avoid costly problems.

Sewer cleaning: whether your drains have been blocked or you’d like to prevent blockages, sewer cleaning offers a highly effective solution. We use a powerful water jet system to blast away dirt and grime, leaving sewer pipes thoroughly clean.

Sewer repairs: sewer systems can be damaged when tree roots grow into the pipes, or areas of pipe collapse or crack. We use a no-dig repair technique to provide a long-lasting repair without the need for expensive and disruptive excavation work.

Drain lining: we also have the expertise to re-line drains without digging. We inject a silicone liner into the pipe which is cured using steam or water. Ideal for use in commercial, industrial and domestic drainage systems, our no-dig drain lining service offers a robust long-term solution.

Emergency repairs: whether you have a blocked toilet or a blocked sewer, we offer an emergency repair service which is available 24 hours a day.