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Sewer Maintenance Huddersfield

We are an established company providing sewer maintenance and repair services in Huddersfield. Our sewer maintenance and drainage services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and our team have the expertise to repair and unblock sewers quickly and efficiently.

Blocked drains and drain repairs

We know that a blocked or broken drain can be incredibly stressful to deal with. Our services are designed to provide a swift solution to blocked and faulty sewers, ensuring long-lasting repairs are carried out as quickly as possible.

Sewer and drain problems such as blocked toilets are usually caused by waste forming a blockage in the pipes. Blockages usually occur when fat or grease enters the sewer system and when this comes into contact with other waste such as wipes or nappies, it forms a solid mass. In addition, blockages can also be caused when silt, grout or concrete enters the system, or if a section of sewer pipe collapses.

We are specialists in drain unblocking and drain repairs. We use the latest CCTV equipment to carry out drain surveys and our remote cameras are designed to navigate through the pipes until the blockage is located. Our team will then use a powerful water jet to blast away the blockage, leaving the inside of the pipes clean and allowing waste to flow freely once again.

Plumbing and drainage problems can also occur when tree roots grow close to, or into, sewer pipes. This causes cracks which then often lead to collapsed length of pipes. We use CCTV surveys to identify collapsed pipes, before using our water jet system to ‘cut’ away the damage to allow for a new section to be inserted.

It is sometimes the case that a sewer or drain pipe needs relining. If the damaged section is less than five metres in length, we will use a liner to improve efficiency and extend the lifespan of the pipe without the need for excavation. Drainage solutions such these allow us to repair sewers, drains and culverts in a cost effective and convenient way, helping to save you money and avoid inconvenience.

Sewer patching offers yet another cost effective alternative to costly excavation work. Suitable for carrying out quick repairs to fractured or cracked pipes, our localised patch repair service offers a robust, economical repair which avoids the need for relining or new pipework.