sewer cleaning

Sewer Maintenance Castleford

Sewers need regular professional maintenance to work efficiently and make sure they are free from blockages. At SewerCare we offer a range of sewer maintenance services for clients in Castleford, designed to prevent blocked drains and emergency drainage problems.

Why sewer maintenance?

A programme of planned maintenance is ideal for industrial and commercial businesses. Sewer maintenance will ensure waste doesn’t build up inside sewer pipes, allowing water and waste to flow through the pipes without blockages.

Our drainage engineers use high pressure water jetting which is designed to clean the inside of sewer pipes without damaging them. Suitable for use in sewer pipes of all sizes, our high pressure water jet system is able to cope with tight corners, ensuring all areas of the sewer are clean and free from waste.

Identifying and preventing blocked sewers

As part of a programme of planned preventative maintenance we use special CCTV cameras to survey the inside of a sewer system. This gives us a clear and accurate picture of the condition of the pipes, helping to identify potential drain problems. CCTV surveys offer a quick and efficient way to check sewer pipes without disruptive excavation work, providing a cost effective solution.