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Sewer line replacement services provided by SewerCare

Here at SewerCare we are specialists in sewer line replacement, camera inspections and sewer pipe lining. We provide cost-effective services which are designed to take the hassle out of sewer repairs and maintenance. We work closely with our clients to carry out repairs with the minimum of fuss, helping to ensure their sewers are in excellent condition and operating efficiently.

What is sewer line replacement?

Main sewer lines can be susceptible to faults, particularly if they are more than 25 years old. Over time all sewer pipes will move and then settle, particularly after spells of heavy rain or freezing temperatures followed by a rapid thaw. When this happens in older sewer line systems the pipes can start to leak where they have been fitted together. Two problems often occur as a result of leaking pipes: trees roots are attracted to the water causing damage, or the ground under the pipe will settle even more leading to a more significant leak. When tree roots find a leaking sewer pipe the problem will continue to become more severe as the roots wriggle their way into the pipes to find water.

Although it is possible to blast tree roots out of drain pipes, or to cut them out, the cracks caused by the roots will remain and the problem will keep getting worse until the sewer line is repaired or replaced.

Sewer pipe replacement can cost time and money, particularly when replacing a traditional sewer line. The traditional approach to the replacement of a broken sewer line was to dig up and then replace the entire length of pipe. However, this approach is expensive and disruptive, often resulting in the replacement of pavements, paths and landscaped areas.

Here at SewerCare we provide a trench-less sewer line replacement, designed to provide cost effective, high quality sewer repairs. Rather than replacing a sewer, our team has the expertise to carry out repairs through access holes, injecting a robust liner into the pipe which is then ‘cured’ and set using steam or water. This approach means that disruptive digging is kept to an absolute minimum, whilst providing a long-lasting, durable repair.