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Cost-effective drain repair solutions provided by SewerCare

A blocked or damaged drain can cause a wide range of problems, not least in terms of the unpleasant smell and the risk to health. Here at Sewer Care we take pride in providing our clients with cost-effective solutions to drain repairs, using innovative direct techniques to carry out repairs quickly and efficiently.

In some cases the cause of a drain problem is immediately obvious but in the majority of situations we use the very latest in CCTV drain surveying equipment to pinpoint the problem. Suitable for use in even the smallest pipes, the equipment we use is designed to enable us to navigate our way around your drainage system.

We use a ‘no-dig’ trenchless technique to repair drains which have started to deteriorate or have become cracked or damaged. Depending on the problem, cracked or collapsed drain repairs are carried out by either relining pipes or using patch lining repairs.